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A career in Digital Marketing [Complete Guide]

Ask yourself following 10 simple questions if at least 4 to 5 answers are “yes” then Congratulations! You can make a career in digital marketing.

Otherwise still you can and should learn digital marketing because it will increase your productivity. It will help you in getting a promotion and so on.

career in digital marketing

1)  Can I think out of the box?

2)  Am I techno-savvy?

3)  Am I good at creating content? ( text, video, audio, photography content creation)

4)  How do you rate your analytical ability and observation skills?

  • Very good
  •  Good
  • Neither very good nor very bad.
  • Bad Very
  • Bad

5)  Can I think strategically?

6)  Do I love experiments?

7)  Will I be able to do learn, unlearn and relearn new things again?

8)   Do I love social media, surfing on the internet or reading comments?

9)   How do you rate your communication skills?

  • Very good
  •  Good
  • Neither very good nor very bad.
  • Bad Very
  • Bad

10)  Do I love marketing?

You will get actionable intelligence throughout the blog. If I’m not wrong you must be thinking whether I should make my career in digital marketing or not? If yes, how to start a career in digital marketing. If no, then how to know 100% that digital marketing is not the right career option for me. Well, you are in the right place. Stay tuned till the end and be sure you will get the answers to all your questions regarding a career in digital marketing.

Scope in Digital Marketing

career in digital marketing
career in digital marketing

1)   As per stats, 50% of the world’s population is using the internet today (Almost 4 Billion). In 1995, less than 1% of the world’s population was using the internet.

Point to be noted:  Internet is yet to reach 50% of the total population suppose it reach to only 20% or 30% population in next 4 to 5 years still it is huge, isn’t it?

                    Top 4 Internet user by countries:

  • China
  • India
  • USA
  •  Brazil

2)   According to Cisco’s VNI report, by 2021, Almost 830 million Indians (59% of the total population) expected to use the Internet on a daily basis.

3)   The digital ad expenditure is going to reach 25000 crores by the end of 2020.

4)   By the year 2022, it is expected to generate 20 lacs job per year in the digital marketing industry.

5)  According to, in India, digital advertising revenue generated in the year 2008 was 6 billion rupees that reached to 160 billion Indian rupees in the year 2019. See growth. 

6)  According to one another report, in India, revenue generated by digital advertising will reach to 539 billion Indian rupees by 2024.

Salary offered in digital marketing

You can see the Average yearly salary digital marketer earns Below is the image. Image is giving a fair idea of different stages of a career in digital marketing experience-wise and salary offered.

salary in digital marketing
  • You should expect a salary between 2 lacs INR to 4 lacs INR when you start your career as a fresher in digital marketing.
  • After gaining 3 to 5 of year experience in digital marketing your salary reaches to 5 to 7 lacs INR.
  • After that you get promotions. You become head of the digital marketing department and then, frankly speaking, the sky is the limit.
  • After 5 years you can also start your own company or agency or you can become a freelancer or influencer.

When you are thinking about making your career in any given industry (in our case – career in the digital marketing industry). The first thing you should look at is the trends of the last 10 years and trends of the next 10 years. Revenue generated by digital advertising in 2008 – 6 billion INR that reached 160 billion INR in the year 2019 and as per future trends it will reach to 539 billion in 2024.

Opportunities in digital marketing

We saw, what is the scope in digital marketing now you may be thinking, I want to make career in digital marketing but what are the opportunities in digital marketing, Right?  Then Let’s see.

1) Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

search engine optimization

SEO is one of the great options for you if you are looking forward to making a career in digital marketing. Those who are dealing with SEO have to deal with the processes that affect the visibility of a website or a blog in an unpaid search engine’s results. According to the trends, if you are using SEO techniques along with a PPC campaign, the expected click rate is 26% times more and the expected profit rate increases to 29%. Trends suggest that there are immense job opportunities in the SEO field.

2)   Social Media Marketing [SMM]

social media marketing

If you want to make a career in digital marketing then SMM is one of the promising career options for you. Jobs related to SMM deal with gaining website traffic or attention via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok. The aim is to create a kind of content that attracts attention and motivate readers to share it across their social networks.

Mandatory skills to make a career in digital marketing is a little flair for writing, a little bit of knowledge of Photoshop and Video creation.

If you wish to establish your career in SMM, the average salary you can expect is 328,300 per year.

3)  Content Marketing

 career in digital marketing

Some people say that content is a king but I say content is a soul of digital marketing. If you want to make a career in digital marketing then content creation is a very important skill. The content marketing approach focuses on creating as well as distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience so as to drive profits.

If you love writing or it is your hobby then believe me, just close the eye and choose content marketing as a career option in digital marketing

According to some reports, content marketing costs 60% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times more leads. This makes it obvious that content marketing is growing and is set to boom further.

4) Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a type of internet marketing that deals with promoting the websites with the help of paid advertising by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Students always ask, should I focus only on SEM or should I treat SEM as a part of digital marketing while making a career in digital marketing.

 I always tell them, focus on a particular niche of digital marketing rather than focusing on digital marketing because digital marketing is a huge ocean. Better strategy can be – focus on 2 or 3 niches while developing strategy for career in digital marketing.

Search engine marketing tasks are done by the digital marketing manager himself if the size of the company is small but sometimes small firms will not have dedicated full-time digital marketers.  in this case they outsource the work to the digital marketing agency. However, when it comes to bigger companies, they have a dedicated SEM specialist along with a team of search engine marketers.

5) Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a field that deals with bringing users in, instead of marketers having to go out and get prospects’ attention. It appeals to the attention of customers and draws customers to the website with the help of valuable and interesting content. On average, the salary for Inbound Marketer ranges from 4 lacs – 6 lacs per annum in India.

Other opportunities are:

6) Web Analytics

7) Copyrighting

8) Website designer

9) E-commerce Specialist

10) Freelancing


If you look at the “Scope in digital marketing” section. You will observe, I have given many different stats. I have collected them from 20 different sources. While collecting , I was also analyzing other trends that I have not shared may be I will share in my future blogs. My analysis says that in the next 5 years digital marketing will become the front end of marketing. Traditional marketing will be replaced by digital marketing so my final words before concluding will be “don’t worry about  scope in digital marketing” 

Do  you want further help? then feel free to contact me on my personal email id : [email protected]

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